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Horizontal sequence of images of the author from childhood to the present day
biography J.C. Casalini
biographie J.C. Casalini

Jean-Christophe CASALINI was born in Milan on January 3, 1962, to a Danish mother Annette Lorentzen (1942-2004), painter, and French father Paul Casalini (1933-2013), director.
He strums the guitar under the attentive ears of M ° A. Pizzigoni (well-known Italian jazz player) and composes his first advertising jingle at the age of 16, before becoming a professional in the sector. Versatile, he becomes the helper of a well-known Italian advertising director Livio Mazzotti, then set designer, co-screenwriter, and lead actor in a television series 'Interbang!? The Seven Towers of Pisa', distributed and broadcasted in various countries.

He is the first to understand the digital acoustic revolution in Italy and founds a startup, Mach 2, a post-production company and audio services for advertising and movies with the use of the first IT platforms in sync with the video. In 1993 Salvatores involves him in his film 'Sud' to coordinate the various audio professionals and create the first Italian quadraphonic column with the Dolby SR system. Donatello Award for the best sound (In Italy the award is assigned to the sound engineer of the direct recording). For the first time the mention of 'Sound Designer' appeared in the credits of Italian films.

In 1996 Gabriele called him for the new film 'Nirvana' to entrust him with the sound design of the first Italian audio track in 5.1, finally bringing Italian cinema to the acoustic levels already experienced abroad. The film won the second Donatello Award for best sound. The following year he invented the sound, still used today all over the world, of the Magnum bite. The success is such that he works for the soundtracks of a dozen films (Including Anni 90, Viva San Isidro, Estomago), made over 13,000 digital audio masters for all Italian brands, and about 2500 radio communications before becoming a producer of national commercials.

In 2000 he made the first book 'CA43' about his mother who never wanted to exhibit her works, revealing the hermetic meanings of her postmodern paintings.

Together with his brother Brunetto in 2014 he decides to exhibit the mother's works live for the first time at the 'Palazzo Regione Lombardia' on the occasion of the tenth year of his untimely death with the sponsor of Expo 2015 and the patronage of the Danish Embassy. He self-produces and publishes the book 'Inventory of Dreams' with the curator Alan Jones and, in 2015, the second volume on the occasion of the exhibition at the Æglageret museum in Holbaek (DK), Annette's hometown.

At the same time his first novel OTTO Light and Shadow / Ed. Vertigo comes out.

In 2021 'HYPNOS' / Ed. Dei Merangoli, already 1st prize ex-aequo at the La Pergola Arte Literary section 2018 at Firenze when still unpublished and with the provisional title 'Generazione Arcobaleno', receives  the Mention at the Giovanni Bertacchi Award 2021.

Giovane Holden 2021 finalist.

Best Fantasy at the E. Ghidini Prize (2022).

Prize Ginevra at the Switzerland Litterary Prize (2022)

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